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Here we go again...

I'm beyond neglectful on my LJ here. I'm at the point where I'm not posting much, and then I still want to turn to LJ when I get stressed and overwhelmed, which I sorta am right now. I'm in that phase before Rites of Spring where I have had a busy spring already, and I have a to-do list three miles long. I would post it here, but I'm embarassed by how many of you I owe emails to. That and I could cross something off it in the time it would take me to post.

I keep trying to get a sleep-in morning. I'm craving one. The week in Alabama was great in many ways, but sleep wasn't among the perks. Since coming back I've had a week of trying to recover the house and kids enough to host a party, then a big party that included staying up late and being the first one up early two days in a row, then a few days recovering the house from the party, then a bit of getting back on track with schooling, then a spontaneous road trip followed by a Mother's Day that, while pleasant, was about fulfilling a promise to my 13 year old; not about doing what I wanted. On Saturday, we were at a bed and breakfast, but failed to communicate that to Dragonboy. So when he woke up hungry,and didn't see his brother --- who was down the hall having breakfast--- he puttered loudly and opened the blinds, to get us to wake up so we would make breakfast happen. Then yesterday I got the adorable breakfast in bed, heralded with a flipping on of the overhead light, and shouts of, "Good Morning!" Today, I got up at first light to get a shower and a jump on the day, to give myself a chance to have a good homeschool day, clean the kitchen and at least one other area, go buy test strips for the hot tub, and... a thousand and one other things.

Thursday at my doctor appointment, my blood pressure was higher than it's ever been before. Not super high, I've generally not had a problem. But I bet I'm about the age my mother was when hers went high. Please, not more pharmaceuticals. I *hate* being on the thyroid medication. I feel captive by modern medicine, pharmacies, and insurance companies. It's not even just that I have to take it. It's not even that I apparently *liked* having a slightly hypoactive thryroid (interesting dreams, husky voice), it's also that they will only give me one month's at a time, and then I have this tiny window of a week or so to get my ass to the store and buy more pills. I wouldn't put up with that for anything else. I mean, toilet paper, menstrual pads, ibuprofen, emergency water, food, cat food --- I'm set to easily and relaxedly NEVER run out of these things, but here's this pill I have to take every day for the rest of my life and they won't fucking give me a reasonable quantity...

Sorry. Started ranting there.

And now, I'll promise to post more often.

And buy my LJ flowers.

We'll see what actually happens.
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