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I treated myself to a massage on Saturday. It was much needed, and I need to know that I'll do this again. the guy was amused that I make some noise during a good massage. I don't think he was upset. Just amused. I figure a little feedback is a good thing, and I also like to relax, and keeping myself from making noise takes effort. Part way through, I remembered, gratitude. I had forgotten gratitude.

I am grateful for my rings. My two favorite ones. The one that serves as a physical token of my marriage, and the other as a physical token of my relationship to spirit.

I am grateful for my dog. I got her last Wednesday, on my way home from NJ with my kids. I got her through a rescue, so I'm grateful on her behalf, that she's got a nice home now. I'm grateful for her ears, which are just perfect, and for the fact that she is housebroken and sleeps through the night.

I'm grateful for my flip-flops. They are cute and were new this spring. I bought them in Alabama, on the business trip, because it was that kind of business trip.

I'm grateful that the rhythm of my year now includes staying at a five star resort, all expense paid, for a week every spring. For this I also get to do a week of work in the corporate world, feeling useful, and keeping my business world social savvy up to date.

I'm grateful for my cup of coffee. It's good coffee, with half-and-half, in super cute Gwen Frostic mug with a sketch of a racoon on it. It's inducing of feelings of peace, and the mug was a gift from my sister. I'm grateful to have family who love me, even when I'm not living up to my own standards. And even when, on rare occasions, I do.
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