onecrazymother (onecrazymother) wrote,

to-do list swap

Remember memes?

Everybody jot down your to do lists, either here or in the comments, and then take two hours and swap. Choose someone else's list, and do that. If you can't do the thing on their list, do something that feels close. Then post about it.

Please put a to-do list either in your own journal, or here in the comments. Not what you think I should do, but what you've been thinking you should do today or tomorrow

Here's mine:

give cat pill
call vet
work w/ teen on science collage, theme being "state of humanity today, and our impact on the world"
work w/ teen on information age study, viewing TV programs and noting how we feel afterward
make a treasure hunt for younger son
look at younger son's writing book with him
work on math with younger son
create weekly round-up for younger son and go through it with him
unpack portfolio review bag and organize homeschool shelf
read about Nelson Mendela
watch video about Teddy Roosevelt
walk dog
schedule mammogram
look through and file medical stuff
plan summer projects of West Virginia study
check with portfolio reviewer about paperwork
fold and put away big pile of laundry
dust and sweep main level of house
clear dining room table
make dinner
clean up dinner
read a chapter of Horatio Hornblower
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