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gratitude 3

My dog is missing. She bolted into the woods Wednesday morning, and has not been seen since Thursday afternoon. I pulled a 16 hour day, followed by a 12 hour day, followed by a 17 hour day, all pretty much searching for the dog in one or another way, non stop. I stepped on a nail on day one. Today I woke up, checked to see if the dog had maybe been at her crate by the woods (no, her cookie was still there) then I did some housework and went to the farmers' market and bought nourishing food. Then I looked for the dog one way or another for about seven hours. Then I did some homeschool stuff and went out for burgers with my family, and came back and put in another hour or so. An eight hour day, plus Mom stuff (which *needs* doing... my son has poison ivy on his face for crying out loud). So tired.

things to be grateful for:
1. My body, which is capable of hiking, much more than I knew.
2. The places I've discovered in the woods: rock outcroppings, an amazing tree that is twisted and broken down to almost nothing, but still sprouting new leaves. A practical, public, path to the river...
3. Our friends, cheering us on. A local new friend, wandering the trails with us, with her friendly dog.
4. Multiple pairs of practical shoes. Especially with my injured foot, this has been a game of: tend feet, put on dry socks, but on driest shoes, hike, take off damp shoes and socks, dry feet, tend feet, rest, repeat.
5. My husband, who is really quite good in a crisis. We're actually a damn find team, I was thinking, as he was systematically searching five acres of woods (She's on a leash -- it may be snagged), and I was circling a 50 acre area, canvassing and watching for tracks.

Also there's a lot of beauty and cuteness out here. Raccoon tracks are cute. And some of my neighbors' homes are so very, very cozy. I want to make this home cozy. I think the way to do it is to gradually make it a thousand little bits of cozy, all flowing together. That takes time. I'm intermittently just blindingly sad about the lost dog, but it's a nice distraction to think of cozy things to do with the space.
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