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science and art

Oh wow, I can think of something other than the lost dog. amazing. I haven't sunk that deeply into an obsession in several years. That was the kind of work that my obsessive leanings are best suited for.

Now I'm thinking about the science and art cooperative that is forming, that we may be a part of. I'm kind of excited to be a part of the ground floor planning. We're thinking of doing five sessions, five to six weeks each, and each session having a topic. The parameters might be --- stay on topic, and each session do at least one art project and at least one lab, related to the topic. The coop seems like it will be K-8, breaking down into K-4 and 4-8 for work groups.

The kids want a coop with the logistics planned by the adults, and the science and art work done cooperatively with kids and adults both taking turns as leaders. I'm supposed to come to tomorrow's planning meeting with a list of my family's relevant skills, and five topics that we are interested in. So far Dragonboy's suggested petroleum.
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