onecrazymother (onecrazymother) wrote,

Good Choices

I think one of my favorite recent decisions was that this year, we're working on our portfolios once a week.

In West Virginia, we have to submit homeschool evaluations --- we didn't have to do that in New Jersey. So this was new for me. Last year it was a mad, mad 48 hour effort, in which I worked solo to document my children's year of learning. It was OK. Our learning was certainly OK, and the portfolio was sufficient.

But (a) I didn't let the kids help make their own portfolios, and (b) it was hell. I was so happy when we were done.

So the very next week I went by Staples and picked up two colorful 8-pocket bound portfolios, and I promised to use them, just to put a little something in every week. From there I wound up putting it on my google calendar as a regular once a week thing. Some weeks I work more on one, some weeks more on week I'm going to work on photographs. And I can talk with the kids about what's going in them. And they were able to label the subjects themselves. And we're gradually working on the skill of explaining one's work.

One of the top ten favorite jobs that anyone I've ever actually known has had, is someone who worked for Bell Labs in the 80's, just thinking and talking to people and working on whatever he wanted to work on. Once a year, he went before a committee and convinced them that he should be kept on payroll for another year.

So yeah, that's sort of what we're doing now.
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